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Working in conjunction with the Insight Property Group developers and marketing strategists, the Bandura Design team helped develop a new brand design package for the roll-out of their Haven Residential concept.  Establishing a unique and consistent brand identity for the Haven concept included creating an affordable and scalable unit design package that could easily be implemented across all future acquisitions.  In order to launch the new brand concept, the team completed a transformation of the first property to launch in Mount Vernon, VA.  The leasing office is housed in the property club house and offers a study lounge, an entertainment club room with full-service catering bar as well as an enclosed outdoor pool and lounge patio.  We were able to remodel the building entry experience as well as the flow and function of all areas to maximize the impact for the property managers and residents.  The concept was then implemented across multiple other properties throughout the Northern Virginia area and continues to expand as the Insight Property Group grows.

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