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The last fifteen years have taken Jennifer on a winding path of discovery that led to opening BANDURAdesign in the summer of 2016. The vision to bring a healthy and balanced life to designers through freedom and flexibility in their process translates to unparalleled enthusiasm for the work being produced by the Bandura team. Risky, yes. Worth it, completely. Jennifer works hard and brings together technical expertise with focused attention to budgets and schedules to make successful projects on the practical side, but also the spirit she brings leaves clients feeling less like they are glad it is over and more like they are ready to do it all over again.



Even though our Halloween Queen has moved to "Bandura South" in North Carolina, Katie continues to bring an artist's illustrative touch to the table, particularly finding joy in custom graphics and curating art. Her dreamy outlook combined with her blunt observations help to create a vision tailored to the clients' needs. With a penchant for handling renovations from conception through to completion, she knows when to be a tenacious problem-solver, and when to say "I'll do it" and go grab a sledgehammer. Though she misses seeing the team every day, it's always an event when the Aries is back in town.



You may not know what Ornithology means, but sometimes it is best to surround yourself with people who know things you don’t. Samantha comes to BANDURAdesign via research science. Her attention to detail and ability to track results has translated into the perfect skill set required for being the purchasing coordinator who is responsible to organize a very “creative” team and produce results when it comes to getting the job done. Samantha oversees day to day operations for the team and assists with all aspects of bidding, purchasing, and installation on site.

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Often found powering around the office in stilettos, Nodji brings a sartorial zeal to her work. Joining the Bandura Design team in 2021, she’s determined to bring the same meticulous energy to the design process as any day’s ensemble. The goal: to create something that walks the balance of beauty, practicality, and a little delightful surprise. From concept development to construction documentation, to development of custom lighting and furniture, she delights and works hard to determine the right solution. On concept, in budget, and on time.  

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If everyone could see through Rosie colored glasses, the world would be a happier place! Her unbridled optimism and thirst for knowledge lifts the entire office and reaffirms why we chose to be designers. A New Jersey transplant, Rosie plans to take the DC design world by storm with every happy hour and hotel tour she can find. Keep an eye out, because Rosie is one to watch!

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There's only one word that accurately describes Daniela: METAL. When she's not rocking out, she's rocking sick threads in the office (sometimes both!). This design powerhouse hails from Mexico City by way of Dallas, Texas, and even brought her own entourage; her two dogs Vader and Chewy, who make regular appearances in the office to stand guard against the treat thieves. She can handle anything you throw at her and then some, a true ROCKSTAR!

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When a magician pulls the curtain back to reveal how the magic happens, Danielle is the one behind the curtain pulling all the strings! She keeps BANDURA running in top shape handling scheduling, purchasing, and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty during installations. This forklift-certified soccer-coaching plantscaper is one bad Mother!

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